EPPP Application Process

While the procedures for utilizing to sit down for the assessment will vary somewhat by jurisdiction, right here signify commonalities throughout areas.


One thing to do Whatever the jurisdiction, in order to sit for the observation the individual seeking licensure have got to to begin with refer to the licensing specialist under the state, province or territory through which they wish to get qualified. In the event that you have still not sent applications for licensure as a psychologist together with your nearest licensing jurisdiction plus your application to focus the inspection is rejected, you may be charged a $30.00 processing amount for just one return of your examination fee.

The accreditation power comparisons the education of the applicant and specifies when the individual meets what's needed placed in the laws of the numerous state or province. After the qualification authority determines the applicant’s eligibility to sit for the study, the candidate is informed. Candidates be given a letter or e-mail from the certification authority with the jurisdiction by which they are trying to find licensure or from its source. Most of these mail or emails suggest the candidate concerning how to access PsyIMS, the online application system for the EPPP, through ASPPB’s website.

ASPPB Examination Fee Candidates full the application on-line and send in compensation with the assessment fee, excluding the computer-based test administration fee gathered by Prometric. The ASPPB inspection fee for your EPPP is $450.00 U.S.,1 however extra fees could very well contrast from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as some jurisdictions or their very own agent may include their unique regulation costs within the examination fee.

Take note that the ASPPB examination fee with the EPPP will boost to $600 for examination organizations beginning March 1, 2013.

Computer-Based Test Administration Fee A computer-based assessment government fee of $69.00 U.S. per candidate is collected by Prometric, the corporation answerable for actual administration of a typical examination, at the time the examination appointment is scheduled.

Applicants can employ link coming from the ASPPB home page into a group of websites which allow these to join the EPPP and exercise exams. Candidates using PsyIMS can be obtained a range of applying to take (1) the EPPP in English, (2) the bilingual French/English EPPP, (3) the ability EPPP with a Prometric Testing Center - “PEPPP”, or (4) the Practice EPPP Online - “PEPPPO”. Candidates having the EPPP are asked which jurisdiction they may be applying to, and will probably be asked to take into consideration exam Candidate Acknowledgment statement.

Some web page forms collects and validates candidate input to complete it the results important for each applicant: including their identity, contact address, and important background.

Special Accommodations Candidates with documented disabilities or impairments who want to become tested under nonstandard conditions can mark a checkbox to point they will likely contact their local jurisdiction to current supporting information and also to discuss which accommodations work.

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